Butcher Basics for Searing Steak

Grilling season is here and your neighborhood butcher has the right cut of meat and the right advice to make it the perfect weekend experience.  Here are a few basic tips for a perfectly seared steak.  READY TO GO BEYOND BASICS, YOU GOTTA COME SEE CHEF ZIMMERMAN FOR HIS SECRETS………

  1. HIGH HEAT. You absolutely MUST get your pan, skillet, or grill super hot before attempting to sear a steak. This intense heat helps get that gorgeous sear you want on the outside, while still making sure the cut is cooked to your specifications.
  2. Prep the meat. Before you sear, prepare! Whether you are going to be using a dry rub, a marinade, or just good old salt and pepper, you need to do this before you throw it on the screaming skillet. Make sure your steak is seasoned and you will be glad you remembered!
  3. Watch closely. The difference between medium and medium-well is only a few minutes, so don’t walk away from that steak. Not only do we not want our dinner to burn, we want to make sure to keep a watchful eye over the flame to make sure it’s prepared just how you want it.
  4. Test it and Temp it. Don’t assume you know it all. While feeling your steak can help you identify the degree of doneness, a thermometer is the best tool and the safest route. 130 degrees will get you the perfect rare, but just a little hotter and your steak will be less red and more pink.
  5. Baste it. At True Blue we love to use a hot and heavy cast iron drenched with butter and herbs. When we add the meat, we baste it by letting the butter and herbs melt and continuing to pour it over the steak, getting that sizzle over and over again.

So… get grilling! Chef Zimmerman can recommend the perfect steak for you.  From Wagyu to NY Strip and almost any variety you can imagine.  Want to experience how it tastes when cooked by our culinary team, join us for weekend brunch, lunch or dinner.

Bon appétit!


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